Jan newsletter 2017: 3-Phase Brushless DC Motor Fan


  3-Phase Fans


Delta's latest brushless DC fans, designed for data center and storage servers, utilize three-phase fan motors that represent the next stage in advancement of server cooling fans. Delta three-phase motor design provides stable transition between slots, which allows fans to run smoothly while maintaining low vibration, high air pressure, and high energy efficiency.
Product Highlights:

* Optimized blade design for high efficiency
* Powered by three-phase motors and advanced electrical drives
* Enhanced structure to achieve low vibration
Benefits: Delta three-phase brushless DC motor fans deliver high energy efficiency to save system power and low vibration to increase HDD performance, resulting in energy and cost savings.

Available Product Models
Part number
(Download spec sheets)
Dimension (mm) Voltage (VDC) Power (W) Speed (RPM) Noise (dB-A) Air Flow (CFM) Air Pressure
(in H2O)
GFM0412SS-DE1PB7Q 40x40x56 12V 13.2 19000/19250 68.5 21.56 3.416
PFM0612XHEB7T 60x60x38 12V 13.8 18500 65.1 64.44 2.343
PFM0812HE-01BFY 80x80x38 12V 51.6 16300 77 129.42 4.969
GFM0812DS-SMB7R 80x80x56 12V 28.8 12500/11000 73.3 93.23 4.485
GFC0812DW-SM00B7P 80x80x80 12V 62.4 12000/10500 74.5 167.02 4.17
GFM0812DUB7S 80x80x86 12V 108 13800/13200 82.5 190.63 5.749
PFM1412DEB7V 140x140x38 12V 46.8 6500 70 282.31 2.033

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