Delta frameless fan series: robust set of space, weight, and noise reducing features





With a history of designing cutting-edge products, Delta engineers have listened to and worked with customers to create a new line of frameless fans. Available in Blower, Mixed Flow and Axial frameless models, these fans allow for a wider range of applications. As heat sources become smaller and more densely packaged, thermal solution designers seek to reduce weight and size, wherever possible. Delta Frameless Fan Series offers the ability to integrate the fan into a complementary heatsink or housing design for maximum space-efficiency. Initial fan blade diameters range from 45mm to 60mm, with speeds ranging from 2900rpm to 5500rpm. Despite their rotational speed and diminutive size, these fans run super quiet without the traditional fan housing. Example applications include deploying a Delta Axial Frameless Fan model in a larger space, such as within a finned heatsink. A Mixed Flow Frameless Fan model may do well in a smaller space with less defined outgoing airflow, such as a thinner finned heatsink with more external air access. Blower - or centrifugal type Frameless Fan models - can be applied to a small space with a fixed outgoing airflow. No matter the application, Delta offers industry-leading fan solutions designed to meet the needs of customers globally.



Cost-effective designs

Reduced noise

Suited for space-constrained applications

Lightweight compared to traditional framed fans


 Frameless fans application


For more information on Delta Frameless Fan Series, please contact us here. Delta Frameless Fan Series is available now.