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EC Fans & Blowers

EC Fans & Blowers

The increasing focus on energy efficiency is already reshaping HVAC equipment technology. In addition, data centers generate more heat with AI and high computing, necessitating a powerful fan wall to cool the facility. Delta new fan series with high-efficiency motors offers both increased power and improved efficiency. The application of these fans can enhance the air performance of HVAC systems and fan walls, while also saving more energy.

Key Features:

  • Higher Power Density: Low-switching-loss technology can increase power density.
  • Self-Cooling Structure: Adjusts airflow to cool the internal motor and electrical components through additional fins and heat sinks.
  • Lighter and Smaller: The fan, with high power density, fits into a compact motor space, offering users flexible installation options.
  • Enhanced Protection for Ingress and Surge: Upgraded ingress protection to IP55 and surge endurance to 4k-6kV.
  • Smart Functionality: Intelligent control makes the system safer and multifunctional.

With 40 manufacturing facilities, 61 R&D labs and 7,000 R&D engineers worldwide, Delta Electronics is a global leader in fans & thermal management, power electronics and other innovative energy-efficient solutions.

Delta offers a range of electronically commutated (EC) centrifugal blowers and axial fans for high-powered air movement applications. 

EC Fans and Blowers


 Why Choose Delta

Local Stock

Product Availability

Locally stocked product for immediate shipment to meet project schedules.

Input Range

Wide Voltage Range

200-480V allows for standardization on fewer fan models.


Manufacturing Cost Efficiency

Delta Electronics makes its own EC motors, power boards, resistors, capacitors, and other electrical components for better control of product costs and quality.


Large Production Capacity

Delta has 13.7 million square feet of combined manufacturing space with automated assembly processes to handle high volume demand of consistent product.


Extensive Reliability Testing

IP, shock, temperature, vibration, burn-in, sound, and air flow per AMCA standards, UL, cUL, TUV.


Global Customer Capability

Delta has facilities in all key regions of the world to better serve global customers.