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Intel® Skylake-Based Thermal Solutions

Intel Skylake microarchitecture, the successor to the Boradwell microarchitecture, is built on 14nm manufacturing process with higher power efficiency and compute performance. To ensure the CPU performance and achieve the nominal power consumption, Delta has designed a series of Intel Skylake-based heatsinks optimized cooling performance and minimal thermal resistance for server and data center environment.

Delta Heatsinks for Intel® Skylake-Based Server Platforms

Delta offers a various of heatsink solutions including extruded, heat pipe, and vapor chamber to meet the most demanding thermal challenges.

ProductHeat transfer technologyAir flowThermal resistance
1U Heatsink - Entry-Level Aluminum-extruded 15 CFM TBD
1U Heatsink - Mid-Level Heatpipe, aluminum-based 15 CFM 0.215 ºC/W
1U Heatsink - Mid-Level Heatpipe, copper-based 15 CFM 0.195 ºC/W
1U Heatsink - Advanced Vapor chamber 15 CFM 0.192 ºC/W
1.5U Heatsink Heatpipe, aluminum-based 21.1 CFM 0.192 ºC/W
2U Heatsink - Entry-Level Aluminum-extruded 21.5 CFM 0.224 ºC/W
2U Heatsink - Mid-Level Heatpipe, aluminum-based 21.5 CFM 0.167 ºC/W
4U Heatsink - Entry-level Aluminum-extruded 23.2 CFM 0.306 ºC/W
4U Heatsink - Mid-level Heatpipe, aluminum-based 23.2 CFM 0.186 ºC/W
5U Heatsink Heatpipe, aluminum-based 23.2 CFM 0.138 ºC/W
*The performance data is subject to change.

Ultra slim heat pipe

For slim Heat Pipe with sintering powder wick structure, minimum diameter of 5mm flatten to 0.6 mm could be manufactured. And by fiber and mesh wick structure, it can reach to 0.4 mm by flatten diameter of 2mm. Delta is capability of designing and suggesting suitable wick structure for different application.

General design guidelines: (bendable, thin, and customized shapes)

Diameter (mm)Thickness (mm)Length (mm)Heat Capacity
2 0.35~1.0 50~200 3~5
3 0.40~1.0 50~200 4~7
4 0.5~1.0 50~200 5~8
5 0.6~1.0 50~200 6~15
6 0.6~1.0 50~300 6~30
7 0.8~1.3 80~350 10~30
8 0.8~1.3 80~350 15~40
10 1~1.3 80~350 20~60
*The performance data is subject to change.

Ultra slim vapor chamber

For slim vapor chamber, Delta can apply the maximum dimension of 200mm x 200mm, and the minimum thickness of 0.35mm. The VC surface flatness could be controlled within 0.2/100x100 mm2 by diffusion bonding. The surface ΔT should be controlled within 3 ºC. (Thermal conductivity: k ~ 6000 W/ ºC-m ).

General design guidelines: (thin and customized shapes)

Thickness (mm)Size (Length x Width)Heat Capacity With Fan (W)Heat Capacity Without Fan (W)
0.35 100x60 4~6 3~5
0.4 120x60 5~8 3~5
0.5~0.7 160x60 10~15 5~7
0.7~1.0 180x90 15~20 7~10
*The performance data is subject to change.

Download Slim Heat Pipe and Vapor chamber Overview and General Design Guidelines

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