Delta cooling solutions for automotive multimedia applications are found in the world's leading makers of mobile sound and entertainment systems.
LED Headlight fan
Headlamp cooling fan

LED headlight cooling fan performance stability

Operating at the leading-edge, Delta LED Headlight cooling fans focus on a novel application of fan technology paired with new lighting systems to reduce car energy consumption and stabilize the performance of the most important lighting system in a vehicle. These Delta fans are built to offer higher performance, low vibration, lower noise, EMC protection, and optional IP protections while built to withstand the harsh operating temperature ranges in a LED Headlight / Headlamp. Power consumption has been reduced to minimize energy usage and associated fuel consumption which leads to less overall CO2 emissions and less contribution to smog.

skylake heat shinks LED Headlamp Cooling Fan overview
A cutting-edge application, it’s a way to the future today with regard to the reducing fuel consumption and avoiding CO2 emissions. Delta high-efficient DC brushless fans cooling LED headlamp actively to secure its performance and support to minimize fuel consumption further.

•   High Performance
•   Low Vibration
•   Lower Noise
•   EMC Protection
•   IP protection (option)

New LED Headlamp Cooling Fan: a cutting-edge application and the future's way to the reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Delta high-efficient DC brushless fans cool LED headlamp actively to secure its performance and minimize fuel consumption further.
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Part number Dimension (mm) Voltage (VDC) Rated Voltage (VDC) Bearing type Current (Amp) Power (Watt) Speed (RPM) Noise (dB-A) Air Flow (CFM) Air Pressure
(in H2O)
Operating Temperature (oC)
50x50x15 9.0~16.0 13.5 ball 0.13 1.76 7600 35.0 13.03 0.22 -40~+105
The performance data is subject to change without notice.

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