Cooling product for outdoor equipment that adapt environmental challenge Delta provides the cooling solution with proper protection based on system installation situation and meet the standard of outdoor application. Variable environmental is always the bottleneck of product reliability, the anti-dust and water is common demand from market; IP (Ingress protection) code is a general indicator to represent the operation condition.


Salt fog corrodes the metal and shorts the circuit then cause the field failure. It is like a serious topic for the outdoor system or equipment. Fan, the rule handle the climate control and is responsible the heat exchanger from system to ambient, must face the corrosion directly.

At same time, the airborne issues also persecute the engineer to design a reliable product. How to work with fan supplier to select a cost competition and to meet real demand becomes an important task.
Delta can provide the total cooling solution for outdoor application
1. We have plentiful experience from market, and propose a technical suggestion.
2. We can provide different ways to meet different level demand.
3. Delta provides the IP protection fan with different size.
4. Delta can provide the fan with high reliability to reduce the maintenance cost.
5. Based on system demand, Delta can do customized design for anti-UV material implement.

Outdoor Fan Recommend List:

The THC series is preferred to provide the complete protection from dust and water and suitable for outdoor application. The recommended model list can be referred and selected by different size. (Roll over image to zoom in or click on image/PN to get more details)

Part number
(Download spec sheets)
Dimension (mm) Operating Voltage Range (VDC) Voltage (VDC) Current (A) Power (W) Speed (RPM) Noise (dB-A) Air Flow (CFM) Air Pressure
(in H2O)
Temperature (ÂșC)
120x120x38 36.0~60.0 48 0.80 38.40 7750 68.0 191.33 2.11 -10 ~ +70
172x150x51 36.0~60.0 48 0.60 28.80 4100 64.50 294.20 1.06 -10 ~ +70
172x150x51 36.0~60.0 48 0.60 28.80 4100 65.50 294.20 1.06 -10 ~ +70
The performance data is subject to change without notice.

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