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Three-Phase Brushless DC Fans
Data center and server cooling fans demand high energy efficiency and low rotating vibration to achieve thermal requirements and operating performance. Delta three-phase brushless DC fans, powered by three-phase motors, provide smoother transition between slots compared to single-phase motor fans. The benefits of three-phase motors include low cogging torque, low vibration disturbance, smooth rotational torque, and high power efficiency. The core technologies of Delta three-phase DC brushless fans are:
• Optimized blade design for high efficiency
• Powered by three-phase motors and advanced electrical drives
• Enhanced structure to achieve low vibration
Available Models
Product Size RPM Max. Air Pressure (In H2O) Max. Air Flow
Current (A) Datasheet
GFM Series: Dual-rotor axial fans
GFM0412SS-DE1PB7Q 40x56mm 19000/19250 3.416 21.56 1.1 Download
GFM0812DS-SMB7R 80x56mm 12500/11000 4.485 93.23 2.4 Download
GFM0812DUB7S 80x86mm 13800/13200 5.749 190.63 9.0 Download
PFM Series: Single-rotor axial fans
PFM0612XHEB7T 60x38mm 18500 2.343 64.44 1.15 Download
PFM0812HE-01BFY 80x38mm 16300 4.969 129.42 4.3 Download
PFM1412DEB7V 140x38mm 6500 2.033 282.31 3.9 Download
*The performance data is subject to change.

Download 3 Phase Overview and Part Number List

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