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More than 20 years of innovation and a commitment to quality are why Delta is the world's largest manufacturer of fans and fan components. Serving an extensive and unlimited range of industries and organizations, Delta cooling and ventilation systems can be customized to fit the needs of any business. Delta has proven global expertise in these verticals:

  • Information technology

    From mobile devices to desktops, to the world’s most powerful servers, Delta cooling products help our global technology run more efficiently and dependably. Delta enables our customers to gain a competitive advantage by providing the widest range of IT related products, fully scalable production capacity, and by consistently keeping pace with market trends and technological innovation.

    • Server and storage cooling solutions that meet the demands of performance and efficiency in smaller spaces.

    • Delta slim fan technology delivers smooth, efficient cooling for mobile devices.

    • Cooling solutions for today’s most demanding desktop and workstation systems.

  • Telecom

    Telecom system have widely application characteristic, especially use on outdoor environment therefore cause repair and maintain system more difficult. Delta offer high reliability, long life, IP protection of Telecom fan to satisfy Telecom customer.

    • A lot of data are transmitted by telecom and network according to the smart portable device grow. The heat also increases by the transmitted data. The higher cooling performance and powerful fan are needed by data center or cloud related equipment.

    • The world trend of networking industry devices is pursuing high density, high speed port, high performance but low acoustic noise and require low power consumption for the concern on energy saving. To fulfill networking device providers’ demand on thermal solution, Delta is glad to introduce Delta T series family to the market.

    • Cooling product for outdoor equipment that adapt environmental challenge Delta provides the cooling solution with proper protection based on system installation situation and meet the standard of outdoor application.

    • Small Cell application cooling solutions that meet the demands when performance in wide coverage and efficiency in small spaces.

    • The IoT application covers smart home device, portable device, smart city, smart manufacturing and smart grid.

    • Telecom fans recommend list

  • Industrial

    Delta’s highly efficient, reliable fans and blowers are in virtually every type of industrial equipment. The range is unlimited -- from office automation devices such as copiers and projectors, to heavy duty gear for every type of construction equipment. You’ll even find Delta fans and blowers where you shop -- in vending machines, cash registers, and barcode scanners.

  • Automotive

    Delta fans, blowers and electronic devices are inside most of the world's top automotive brands. From the headlights to the interior, automotive applications include seat ventilation, HVAC blowers, air purifiers, and even fans for mobile entertainment systems. Cars and trucks have to operate under the harshest conditions, and Delta cooling solutions are built to withstand the same extreme temperatures, shock and moisture.

    • Extensive experience and strict quality management make delta the partner of choice for infotainment and autonomous driving technology.

    • Operating at the leading-edge, Delta LED Headlight cooling fans focus on a novel application of fan technology paired with new lighting systems to reduce car energy consumption and stabilize the performance of the most important lighting system in a vehicle.

    • Traditional car seating systems provide either passive benefits via design, material choices, or active heating. Newer, more robust systems focus on cooling and overall comfort via temperature regulation.

  • Consumer

    Home Appliances, Office Equipment and Electronics Run More Efficiently with Delta fans. Anywhere you look in today’s modern home, you’ll find Delta fans, blowers and motors. Manufacturers of appliances and other consumer devices enhance the quality of their products by implementing the world’s leading cooling systems from Delta.

    • Consumer products like laser projection TVs and smart speakers have a high operational temperature. To meet thermal specifications and provide low noise output, high sound quality, and longer product life, Delta developed DC fans with sleeve bearings that are more durable in high operational temperatures while offering wide rotational speed characteristics.

    • Delta designed our refrigerator fans for low-temperature environments with a dedicated bearing system allowing our fans to work at an operational temperature of -40°F without freezing. Our unique blade design allows unrestricted airflow with lower system tunnel noise while keeping a steady temperature inside your refrigerator. Delta's advanced motor driver circuit technology achieves high efficiency and low vibration at the same time while also offering a PWM function for a wider speed range adjustment.

    • Gaming consoles run cooler, longer, under heavy use with custom designed systems by delta.

    • Cooling systems for household appliances that rely on continuous operation must be designed to last and to resist environmental conditions. Sealed systems, such as those in refrigerators, microwave ovens (shown below) and other appliances are temperature, salt fog, and moisture resistant thanks to a double sealed design.

    • Home electronics, including DVDs, Set Top Boxes, TVs and multimedia equipment run cooler and last longer with the right cooling system, custom designed by Delta and manufactured at our facilities worldwide.

    • Office and home printers, from laser to inkjet, operate efficiently and quietly under heavy use with the right cooling solution from Delta.

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