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Industrial DC Fans

NEW Industrial DC Fans

Cooling The Next Generation Industry 4.0, New Energy, & AIoT Systems

Delta new industrial DC fans are built to be long-lasting and reliable components of the latest Industry 4.0, New energy, and AIoT systems. Each component was methodically chosen to ensure a long operating life and greater efficiency.

Factory Automation:

• Solar Inverter Systems
• Battery Storage/Backup Systems
• Motor Driver
• Renewable Energy
• EV Charger (Homes/Stations)
• And More

Benefits of Delta New Industrial Fans:

• Wide variety of standard products and IP ratings up to IP68 with IP5X being tested with small talcum powder particles
• Nature-inspired impeller design to increase air flow rate and improve blade efficiency
• Enhanced operating life and reduced operating temperature via metal frame, higher efficiency and reduced current, ceramic bearings protecting against electric erosion

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Latest News


New Industrial DC Fans 04/01/2022

Cooling the next generation industry 4.0, new energy, and AIoT systems. Learn More...


Delta Product Label Trademark Update 12/08/2021

Subsequent shipments of product labels, cartons, fan frames/pillow, and other accessories that contain Delta trademarks will be partially revised. Learn More...


EC Commercial Refrigerator Fans 11/15/2021

Delta-designed refrigerator fans with dedicated bearing systems operate in low-temperature environments of up to -40°F. Learn More...


New Ingress Protection 68 (IP68) Fan Series 05/12/2021

New Ingress Protection IP68 Fan Series: Durable Protection for Outdoor Applications. Delta’s IP68 Fan Series is built to last and perfect for outdoor applications and harsh industrial areas, such as telecom, industrial automation, and renewable energy. Learn More...


Meet New Delta Brushless DC Axial Fans: E Series Fans. 03/01/2021

New E Series: PFB-E and GFB-E
Delta's latest E series fans are designed for the next generation of server architectures and power modules. Learn More...

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