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Frameless Fans

Frameless Fans


With the Delta Frameless Fan Series, opportunities to save money multiply and the opportunities to create new thermal solution designs become possible. Removing the fan frame allows engineers to directly integrate the fan into a design. Traditional fan designs utilize a housing around the fan impeller and motor. While this may be suitable for many applications, space-constrained projects likely require more creative fan integration. The solution is Delta Frameless Fan Series. It can reduce material, weight and save on overall costs while maintaining the performance you expect from Delta’s industry-leading fans. Delta Frameless Fan Series comes in Blower (centrifugal), Mixed Flow and Axial models – ensuring that there’s a Delta Frameless Fan to fit any project.


Benefits of Frameless Fans:

•   Cost-effective designs

•   Reduced noise

•   Perfect for space-constrained applications

•   Lightweight compared to traditional framed fans



Example Applications

Designs such as a fan integrated heatsink that allow for a larger open space may benefit from an axial frameless fan model. Those that have a smaller available space, but no fixed air outlet (i.e. multiple air outlets) should utilize mixed flow or axial frameless models. Others with a fixed airflow direction and housing design will benefit most from blower frameless fan models.


(Roll over a DC fan to see a larger image or click on a part number to get more details)

Part number (Download spec sheets) Blade diameter (mm) Fan height (mm) Voltage (VDC) Bearing Type Speed (RPM) Noise (dB-A) Air Flow (CFM) Air Pressure (in H2O)
ASB0412VHA-AF0B Φ37.0 9.8 12 VDC Sleeve Axial 4800 RPM 28.0 dB(A) 3.13CFM (0.083 m3/min) 0.116 inchH2O (2.95 mmH2O)
KSB0405HBF0D KSB0405HBF0D KSB0405HBF0D Φ40.0 8.0 5 VDC Sleeve Blower 3150 RPM 31.0 dB(A) 1.19CFM (0.034 m3/min) 0.008 inchH2O (2.28 mmH2O)
KFB04512HHAF0C KFB04512HHAF0C KFB04512HHAF0C Φ44.0 9.80 12 VDC Ball Blower 5000 RPM 28.5 dB(A) 4.29CFM (0.121 m3/min) 0.171inchH2O (04.33mmH2O)
EFB0512HHAFAH Φ45.0 10.7 12 VDC Ball Mixed flow 5000 RPM 29.5 dB(A) 7.47CFM (0.211 m3/min) 0.056 inchH2O (1.42mmH2O)
ASB0512HHB-AF0A Φ46.8 14.5 12 VDC Sleeve Axial 5500 RFM 28.5 dB(A) 10.29CFM (0.291 m3/min) 0.11 inchH2O (2.83 mmH2O)
EFB0612HHAF99 Φ56.0 10.7 12 VDC Ball Mixed flow 4800 RPM 39.0 dB(A) 15.03CFM (0.426 m3/min) 0.129 inchH2O (3.272 mmH2O)
KFB0612HAFDB KFB0612HAFDB KFB0612HAFDB Φ60.0 12.0 12 VDC Ball Blower 3300 RFM 36.7 dB(A) 9.15CFM (0.274 m3/min) 0.634inchH2O (16.10mmH2O)
AFB0705MC-00F0R Φ65.0 13.0 5 VDC Ball Axial 2900 RPM 28.1 dB(A) 22.09CFM (0.626 m3/min) 0.093 inchH2O (2.36 mmH2O)
Part number (Download spec sheets) Blade diameter (mm) Fan height (mm) Voltage (VDC) Bearing Type Speed (RPM) Noise (dB-A) Air Flow (CFM) Air Pressure (in H2O)