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Product EOL

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Product End-of-line Notice

Due to advances in technology, improved materials, and our commitment to maintaining a competitive edge in various industries, Delta periodically conducts engineering reviews to ensure our product meet industry standards.

The list of notices below highlights the product SKUs that have reached end-of-life status. The EOL products can be purchased as non-cancelable and non-returnable (NCNR) until the Last Time Order Date.

For additional information regarding recommended replacements or last purchases, please contact us or authorized Delta distributors.

Note: Any product that is going EOL and product purchased under the Last‐Time‐Buy option, will be considered NCNR.

Please click on the part numbers (in blue) or PDF links below to see the notice of letter.

Issued Date Effective Date Last Buy Order Date Last Buy Ship Date Notice of Letter
Sep. 08, 2023 Sep. 08, 2023 Oct. 08, 2023 Dec. 31, 2023 PDF
Sep. 08, 2023       PDF
Apr. 20, 2023       PDF
Apr. 20, 2023 Apr. 20, 2023 July 07, 2023 Mar. 31, 2024 PDF
Apr. 20, 2023 Apr. 18, 2023 May 31, 2023 Jun. 30, 2023 PDF
Mar. 20, 2023 Mar. 20, 2023 May 20, 2023 Sept. 30, 2023 PDF
Jan. 17, 2023 Jan. 18, 2023 Apr. 18, 2023 Jan. 18, 2024 PDF
Jan. 17, 2023 Jan 18, 2023 Feb. 18, 2023   PDF
Issued Date Effective Date Last Buy Order Date Last Buy Ship Date Notice of Letter
Mar. 24, 2022 Apr. 01, 2022 May 01, 2022 Oct. 31, 2022 PDF
Jan. 05, 2022 Jan. 01, 2022     PDF
Jun. 02, 2021 Sept. 02, 2021 Dec. 02, 2021   PDF
Sep. 28, 2020 ASB0305/ ASB0312/ – C series PDF
Aug. 05, 2019 Feb. 01, 2019 Feb. 01, 2020 Aug. 31, 2020 PDF
Jun. 15, 2019 July 01, 2019 Jan. 01, 2020 June 31, 2020 PDF
Oct. 01, 2016 Oct. 01, 2016 Oct 31, 2016 Dec. 31, 2016 PDF

Effective Date: April 20, 2023

Part Number (Last Buy Date: 05/31/2023. Last time shipment date: 06/30/2023) Notice of Letter
AFB0612L-AF00, AFB0612L-AR00, and AFB0612SH-AB. PDF

Effective Date: April 20, 2023

Part Number Notice of Letter
AFB0824VHD, AFB0824VHD-F00, AFB0824VHD-R00, AFB0912LB, and FTA0102AA. PDF


Effective Date: March 20, 2023

Part Number (Last Buy Date: 05/20/2023. Last time shipment date: 09/30/2023) Notice of Letter
AFB1248GHE-CR00, AFB1248EHE-C, AFB1248GHE-C, AFB1248EHE-CF00, AFB1248SHE-CF00, AFB1248SHE-C, AFB1248HF-R00, AFB1248SHF-F00, and AFB1248HE-R00. PDF

Effective Date: September 08, 2023

Part Number (Last Buy Date: 08/10/2023. Last time shipment date: 12/31/2024) Notice of Letter
AFB0505HD-F00, AFB0505HDX8Z, AFB0512VHDX9A, AFB0612EHE, AFB0612GHE-AF00, AFB0612SHE, AFB0612SHE-R00, AFB0624EJ-01, AFB0624GJ-01, AFB0624SJ-01, AFB0712HHB-AF00, AFB0912UHE-AR00, AFB1212EHF-F00, AFB1224SHF-F00, AFB1248GHE-C, AFB1248SHF-F00, AFC0912D-F00, AFC0912DF-F00, AFC1012DE-F00, ASB03512HA-F00, AUB0505HD, AUB0612HHB, AUB0624VHB, AUB0712HB-F00, AUB0712HHB-F00, AUB0712HHD, AUB0712MB-F00, BFB0412HE, BFB0412HHA-AR00, BFB0412HHE, BFB0412LA-AR00, BFB0512HHA-F00, BFB1012H-A, BFB1012H-AF00, BFB1012H-F00, BFB1012H-R00, BFB1212HH-CF00, BFB1224VH-R00, BSB04512HA, BSB04512HHA, BSB04512LA, BSB04512MA, BUB0505HB, BUB0505HB-F00, BUB0505HB-R00, BUB0505MB, BUB0505MB-F00, BUB0505MB-R00, BUB0512HD, BUB0512HHB-F00, BUB0512HHD, BUB0512LB, BUB0512LD, BUB0512MD, BUB0512VHD-R00, EFB0405VHD, EFB0405VHD-R00, EFB0412VHD-C, EFB0412VHD-CF00, EFB0505HAAUE, EFB0812EHF, EFB0812EHF-B, EFB0812EHF-BF00, EFB0812EHF-F00, EFB0812EHF-R00, EFB0812HHE-R00, EFB0812HHF-F00, EFB0812SHF, EFB0812SHF-BR00, EFB0812SHF-F00, EFB0812SHF-R00, EFB0812VHF-F00, EFB0824HE, EFB0824HHE, EFB0824ME, EFB0912HHE-R00, EFB0912HHF, EFB0912HHF-F00, EFB0912SHF, EFB0912SHF-F00, EFB0912VHF-F00, EFB0924SHF-F00, EFB0924SHF-R00, EFB1212H, EFB1212L-F00, EFB1224H, EUB0612VHB, FFB0812UHE-R00, FFB0948SHE-TP28, FFB1012EHE, FFB1012EHE-F00, FFC0612DE-F00, FFC0912D-F00, FFC1012DE-SP00, GFB0412EHS-C, GFB0412GHS-C, GFB0412GHS-CF00, GFB0412HF, GFB0412SHS-C, GFB0412VHF-F00, GFB0412VHF-R00, GFC0612DU-F00, KUB04512HA-F00, PFB0412EHND2S, GFB0412EHS-D, GFB0412EHS-DF00, and GFB0412SHS-DF00. PDF


Effective Date: Jan 17, 2023

Part Number (Last Buy Date: 04/18/2023. Last time shipment date: 01/18/2024) Notice of Letter
BFB04505HA-C, BFB0505HA-CF00, BFB0505HHA-C, BFB0505HHA-CF00, BFB03512HHA-CR00, BFB1224HE-F00, AFB0805M, AFB1212VH-R00, AFB1224L-F00, AFB1224M-R00, AFB1224SH-F00, BFB0524M-R00, AFB0724MB, AFB0424MB-R00, AFB0424VHB-R00, AFB0524HHB-R00, AFB0512VHD, BFB1248GH-AF00, AUB1212H-CK15, FFB0412GHN-C, FFB0412UHN-C, ASB0405LA-A, ASB0405HHA-A, ASB0405HHA-AF00, ASB0405VHA-A, BFB0512LA-CR00, BFB0512MA-CR00, AFB0412HHA-AR00, AUB0412HDYFM, BFB0405HHA-AR00, BFB0412HHA-A, BFB04512LA-C, BFB04512MA-C, BFB04512HA-C, BFB04512HA-CF00, BFB04512HHA-CR00, FFB0412SHN-AF00, FFB0412VHN-A, FFB0412VHN-AF00, GFB0412GHS-CF00, AFB0612DH-TP11, GFC0612DS-AQ14, GFC0412DS-DF00, AFB0712VHB, AFB0712VHB-F00, AFB0712VHB-R00, AFB0812LD-AR00, AFB0812MD-AR00, AFB0812VHD-AR00, AFB0912LB, AFB0912LBATX, AFB0912MB, AFB0912HB, AFB0912HHB, AFB0912HHB-F00, AFB0912HHB-R00, AUB0812L-9X41, AFC0912DB-F00, AFB0612UH-AR00, AFB0612VHE-A, AFB0612SHE-A, AFB0612SHE-AF00, AFB0612EHE-A, AFB0612EHE-AF00, AFB0612GHE-AF00, PFB0612GHE-R00, PFB0612UHE-R00, AFB0612VHF, AFB0612SHF, AFB0612EHF, AFB0612GHF-F00, QFR0824SH-DT50, AFB0812EHE-R00, AFB0812SHE-R00, AFB0824GHE-R00, AFB0924M-A, AFB0924SH-AR00, AFB0912UHE-AF00, AFB1212LE-C, AFB1212ME-C, AFB1212HE-C, AFB1212HE-CF00, AFB1212HHE-C, AFB1212HHE-CF00, AFB1212HHEAU5, AFB1212VHE-C, AFB1212VHE-CF00, AFB1212VHE-CR00, AFB1212SHE-C, AFB1212SHE-CF00, AFB1212EHE-C, AFB1212GHE-C, AFB1212GHE-CF00, AFB1224LE-C, AFB1224ME-C, AFB1224HE-C, AFB1224HE-CR00, AFB1224HHE-C, AFB1224HHE-CR00, AFB1224VHE-C, AFB1224VHE-CF00 , AFB1224VHE-CR00, AFB1224SHE-C, AFB1224EHE-C, AFB1224EHE-CF00, AFB1224GHE-C, AFB0612HHE-T500, PFB0612GHE-T500, PFB0612UHE-T50F, AFB0912GHE-TA50, AFB1224VHE-TC5F, AFB1248SHE-TC50, FFC0612DE-PP01, FFC0812DE-F00, FFC0912DE-TP04, BFB1012HH-TP48, AFB0624H-AF00, AFB0624HH-AF00, AFB0624VH-AF00, AFB0612LD-F00, AFB0612MD-F00, AFB0612MD-R00, AFB0612HD-R00, AFB0612HHD-F00, AFB0612HHD-R00, AFB0612VHD-F00, AFB0624LD, AFB0624MD, AFB0624HD, AFB0624HHD, AFB0624HHD-F00, AFB0624VHD, AFB0624VHD-F00, AFB0624VHD-AR00, AFB0812M-R00, AFB0812H-R00, AFB0812HH-R00, AFB0812VH-R00, AFB0812SH-R00, AFB0824L-F00, AFB0824H-F00, AFB0824HH-F00, AFB0824HH-R00, AFB0824VH-F00, AFB0824VH-R00, AFB0824SH-F00, AFB0824SH-R00, AUB0812H-A, AFB0912M-R00, AFB0912H-R00, AFB0912HH-R00, AFB0912VH-R00, AFB0924L, AFB0924L-R00, AFB0924M-F00, AFB0924M-R00, AFB0924H-F00, AFB0924H-R00, AFB0924HH-F00, AFB0924HH-R00, AFB0924VH-F00, AUB0912L-C, AUB0912M-C, AUB0912H-C, AFB0612LB, AFB0612LB-F00, AFB0612LB-R00, AFB0612MB, AFB0612MB-F00, AFB0612MB-R00, AFB0612HB, AFB0612HB-F00, AFB0612HB-R00, AFB0612HHB, AFB0612HHB-F00, AFB0612HHB-R00, AFB0612VHB, AFB0612VHB-F00, AFB0612VHB-R00, AFB0624LB-R00, AFB0624MBAV8, AFB0624HB-R00, AFB0624HHB-F00, AFB0624VHB, AFB0624VHB-R00, BFB0724H-T500, BFB0712L, BFB0712M, BFB0712H, BFB0712H-R00, BFB0724H-F00, BFB0724H-R00, BFB1024HHX01, AFB0712LB-R00, AFB0712HB-R00, AFB0712HHB-R00, AFB0712LD-R00, AFB0712MD-R00, AFB0712HD-R00, AFB0712HHD-R00, AFB0812LB, AFB0812HB-R00, AFB0812HHB-R00, AFB0912LD, AFB0912HD, AFB0405MB-R00, EFB0405LD, EFB0405LD-R00, EFB0405MD, EFB0405HD, EFB0405HHD, FFB0412HHN-BR00, AFB0505LB-R00, AFB0505HB, AFB0512LB, AFB0512MB-R00, AFB0512HB, AFB0512HHB-R00, AFB0505HD, AFB0612HHC-R00, BFB0512LD-R00, BFB0512HD-R00, BFB0512VHD-R00, BFB0512L, BFB0512L-R00, BFB0512M, BFB0512M-R00, BFB0512H-R00, BFB0512HH, BFB0512HH-R00, AFB0712LD, AFB0712MD-F00, AFB0712HD-F00, AFB0712HHD, AFB0712HHD-F00, AFB0712VHD-F00, AFB0812LB-F00, AFB0812MB-F00, AFB0812HHB-F00, AFB0912LD-F00, EFB0405HD-F00, EFB0412HD-F00, BFB0512HH-T50F, BFB0512HD-F00, FFB1224EHE-BR00, FFB0812GHE, FFB1224HH-R00, FFB1248EH-R00, FFB1448HHG, FFB1448SHG, EFB1548LG, BFB0612HB-NR00, PFB0912SHE, PFB0912SHE-F00, PFB0912GHE-R00, PFB0948UHE-F00, PFB1212EHE, KFB2348HHV-F00, AFB1512H-AF00, AFB1524HH-AR00, TDA1348AE-EP, TCA1048AB0C, THB1248B-AXHG, TGD0412HS-00EA8, AFB0512HDW72, FFB0412SHN-AR00, FFB0412VHN-AR00, BFB0712HD, BFB0712HD-F00, BFB0712HD-R00, AFB0612VHD-A, AFB0612VHD-AF00, FB0612VHD-AR00, AFB0612SHD-A, AFB0612SHD-AF00, AFB0612EHD-A, AFB0612EHD-AF00, AFB0612EHD-AR00, AUB0612L-A, AUB0612M-A, AUB0612H-A, AUB0612HH-A, AUB0612HH-AF00, AUB0612VH-AF00, EFB0812HHB, EFB0812HHB-F00, AFB0848L, AFB0848M, AFB0848H, AFB0848H-R00, AFB0848HH, AFB0848HH-R00, AFB0948L, AFB0948L-B, AFB0948H-F00, AFB0948H-R00, AFB0948HH, AFB0948HH-F00, BFB1248HH, BFB1248HH-F00, and BFB1248HH-R00. PDF

Effective Date: January 17, 2023

Part Number (Last Buy Date: 02/18/2023) Notice of Letter
AFB0512MD-R00, AFB0512HD-R00, BFB0712HH-AR00, BFB1224HHE, BFB1224HHE-R00, AFB0648EH-A, DSB0624VH-A, AFB0412LB, AFB0412LB-F00, AFB0412LB-R00, AFB0412VHB-TP25, AFB08512LD, AFB08512LD-BS, AFB08512MD, AFB08512MD-BS, AFB08512HD, AFB08512HD-BS, AFB08512HHD, AFB08512HHD-BS, AFB08512VHD, AFB08512VHD-BS, AFB08512VHD-F00, AFB0612EH-ABRR0, AFB0912L-A, AFB0912L-AF00, AFB0912M-A, AFB0912M-AF00, AFB0912H-A, AFB0912H-AF00, AFB0912HH-A, AFB0912HH-AF00, AFB0912HH-AR00, AFB0912VH-A, AFB0912VH-AF00, AUB0912H-A, AUB0912VH-CF00, AFB0912H-TA50, BFB1012L-TA5R, BFB1012L-AR00, BFB1012M-AR00, BFB1112H, BFB1112H-F00, AUB0612EH-AF00, AUB0912VH-CIT, AUB1212H-A, AUB1212HH-AF00, AUB1212M, EFB0912SH-F00, and EFB0912SH-HF00. PDF

Effective Date: March 24, 2022

Part Number Notice of Letter
AFB1224HE-C, ASB0305MA-CA8Z, ASB03512HA-AF00, ASB03512MA-AF00, ASB0412HHA-A, ASB0412HHA-AF00, ASB0412LA-A, AUB0505HD, BFB1012EH-C18J, FFB0412VHN-BF00, FFB0424VHN-TZT4, FFB0424VHNX02, FFB0912SH-BQ23, THA0412AD22T, AFB0948H, ASB0412HA-A, AUB0412HDYFM, AUB0612H-A, AUB0612L-A, and AUB0612M-A. PDF

Effective Date: January 05, 2022

Part Number Notice of Letter
FFB1312VHE, FFB1312VHE-F00, FFB1312SHE, FFB1312SHE-F00, FFB1312SHE-R00, FFB1312SHE-BF00, FFB1312EHE, FFB1312EHE-F00, FFB1312EHE-R00, FFB1324VHE, FFB1324VHE-F00, FFB1324VHE-R00, FFB1324VHE-B, FFB1324SHE, FFB1324SHE-F00, FFB1324SHE-R00, FFB1324SHE-B, FFB1324EHE, FFB1324EHE-F00, FFB1324EHE-R00, FFB1348VHE, FFB1348VHE-F00, FFB1348VHE-R00, FFB1348SHE, FFB1348SHE-F00, FFB1348SHE-R00, FFB1348EHE, FFB1348EHE-F00, FFB1348EHE-R00, SFB0212HH, AND SFB0212H-4K80. PDF

Effective Date: June 02, 2021

Part Number Notice of Letter
THC1248ME, THD1248HE, THC1748MGCGP, THC1548MGDJJ, THB2048HG-A, THB2048CT, THB1248B-AXHG, THB0848BEB51, THA0948BE, TFA0948AE, TDA1748AG, TDA1548AG, TCA1748ATXHD, PFC1248DE-F00, PFB1248UHE-CN, PFB1248GHE, PFB0948GHED6W, PFB0948EHE-F00, PFB0948EHE, PFB0848UHE-R00, PFB0848UHE, PFB0848GHE, KFB1748VHT-CN, KFB1748VHTAYP, KFB1248GHS-F00, GFC0848DWB74, FFB1448SHG-F00, FFB1348VHE-F00, FFB1248SH-R00, FFB1248HH-R00, FFB1248EH-R00, FFB0948VHE-F00, FFB0948SHE-TP28, FFB0948SHE-T500, FFB0948SHE-R00, FFB0948SHE-F00, FFB0948SHE, FFB0848XHA01, FFB0848SHE, FFB0848HHE, EHB1548SHG-C126, EFC1748DG-TP07, EFB1748HHG-R00, EFB1748HG-F00, EFB1548VHG-F00, EFB1548VHGD8N, EFB1548VHG, EFB1548HHG-R00, EFB1548HHG-F00, EFB1548HHG, TCA1748AT-EP, FHB1248DHE-TXKW, FFC0948B, PFB1248UHE-R00, PFB1248EHE-R00, PFB0848GHE-R00, EFB1748HG-R00, FFB1448SHG-R00, KFB1248GHS, KFB2348HHU-F00, FFB0948VHE, FFB1448UHE-M, QFR0812VHE, QFR0812SHE, QFR0612UHE-PM00, PFR1212DHE-F00, PFB1212UHE-F00, PFB1212GHE-T50F, PFB1212GHE-F00, PFB1212EHE-F00, PFB1212EHE, PFB0912VHE, PFB0912UHE-F00, PFB0912GHE-F00, PFB0912GHE, PFB0912EHE-F00, PFB0912EHE, PFB0912DHE-T500, PFB0812UHE-T500, PFB0812UHE, PFB0812GHE-R00, PFB0812GHE-F00, PFB0812GHE, PFB0612UHE, PFB0612SHE-TZM8, GFC0412DS-DU49, GFC0412DS-CMA5, GFC0412DG-CMA4, GFC03812HG-DV46, GFB0412SHS-DF00, GFB0412SHG-F00, GFB0412SHE-F00, GFB0412EHS-DF00, GFB0412EHS-D, FFB1312VHE-F00, FFB1312SHE-BF00, FFB1312EHE-F00, FFB1212VHE-F00, FFB1212VHE, FFB1212SH, FFB1212HH-F00, FFB1212HH, FFB1212EHE-R00, FFB1212EHE, FFB0812GHE-F00, FFB0812GHE, FFB0812EHE-SP15, FFB0412SHN-A, EFB1712LG, EFB1712HHG, EFB1512MG, EFB1512HHG, EFB1512HG-R00, EFB1512HG, EFB0505HA-F00, EFB0505HAAUE, EFB0505HA, BFB1212VH-TA50, BFB1212L-F00, BFB1212HH-F00, BFB1212HH, AFC0912DE-AF00, AFB0912GHE-A, AFB0912EHE-AF00, AFB0912EHE-A, GFC1212DW-DV47, FFB1012EHE, PFB0912HHE, PFB0912DHE-R00, PFB0812UHE-R00, PFB0812DHE-R00, FFB1212SHE, and GFB0412SHG-AF00. PDF

Effective Date: August 5, 2019

Part Number Notice of Letter
AFB04512HA, AFB04512LA, AFB04512MA, AFB0512HD, AFB0512HD-F00, AFB0512HHD-F00, AFB0512LD-F00, AFB0512MD, AFB0512MD-F00, AFB0512VHD-F00, AFB0512VHD-T2W4, AFB0605HB, AFB0605HB-F00, AFB0605HHB, AFB0605HHB-F00, AFB0605LB, AFB0605MB, AFB0612HC, AFB0612HC-F00, AFB0612HHC, AFB0612HHC-F00, AFB0612VHC-F00, AFB08512VHD-R00, AFC1212D-F00, AU80512HD, AUB0512HHD-F00, AUB0512VHD-F00, AUB0605HB, AU80605HHB, AUB0605LB, AUB0605MB, EFB0412HA, EFB0412HA-F00, EFB0412HHA, EFB0412HHA-F00, EFB0412LA, EFB0412LA-F00, EFB0412MA, EFB0412MA-F00, EFB0412VHA, EFB0412VHA-F00, EFB0512HA-TP42, EFB0S12HHA-F00, FFB1248EHE, FFB1248EHE-BF00, FFB1248EHE-FO0, FFB1248EHE-R00, FFB1248SHE, FFB1248SHE-F00, FFB1248SHE-R00, and FFB1248VHE. PDF

Effective Date: June 15, 2019

Part Number Notice of Letter
BFB0305HA-A, BFB0305HA-AF00, BFB0305HA-AR00, BFB0305HHA-A, BFB0305HHA-AF00, BFB0305HHA-AR00, BFB0305LA-A, BFB0305LA-AF00, BFB0305LA-AR00, BFB0305MA-A, BFB0305MA-AF00, BFB0305MA-AR00, BFB0312HA-A, BFB0312HA-AF00, BFB0312HA-AR00, BFB0312HHA-A, BFB0312HHA-AF00, BFB0312HHA-AR00, BFB0312LA-A, BFB0312LA-AF00, BFB0312LA-AR00, BFB0312MA-A, BFB0312MA-AF00, BFB0312MA-AR00, BFB03505HA-A, BFB03505HA-AF00, BFB03505HA-AR00, BFB03505HHA-A, BFB03505HHA-AF00, BFB03505HHA-AR00, BFB03505LA-A, BFB03505LA-AF00, BFB03505LA-AR00, BFB03505MA-A, BFB03505MA-AF00, BFB03505MA-AR00, BFB03512HA-A, BFB03512HA-AF00, BFB03512HA-AR00, BFB03512HHA-A, BFB03512HHA-AF00, BFB03512HHA-AR00, BFB03512LA-A, BFB03512LA-AF00, BFB03512LA-AR00, BFB03512MA-A, BFB03512MA-AF00, and BFB03512MA-AR00. PDF

Effective Date: September 28, 2020

Part Number Notice of Letter
ASB0305MA-CA8Z, ASB0312LA-CF00, and ASB0312HA-AF00. PDF

Effective Date: October 01, 2016

Part Number Notice of Letter
QFR0812DE‐F00, PFB0824DHE‐DT49, TCA1748AT‐EP, and FFC0948B‐EP. PDF