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Fans and Thermal Management

Delta's super slim blower technology is an important factor in making the Ultrabook computer possible. Delta's latest energy-efficient electronically commutated fan series are perfectly designed for industrial applications, commercial building HVAC, and precision cooling for data centers.

Delta’s Thermal Management Offerings
Temperature is a crucial variable in mechanical and industrial processes. Appropriate thermal management is critical to maximizing performance and preventing system disruptions. You can eliminate potential failure points in your systems with targeted precision cooling.

But what is thermal management, and how can it protect your business?

In addition to maintaining your system’s temperature within its operating range through our air and liquid cooling technology, Delta’s cutting-edge thermal electronics solutions allow your business to unlock amazing efficiency gains, reduce energy costs, and maximize performance.

Here is a selection of our product categories and how they benefit your thermal management system.

Category List

  • DC Axial Fans

    Every model undergoes rigorous testing to achieve minimum noise under high airflow and air pressure conditions. Delta's highly automated, precision assembly process ensures consistent quality.

  • DC Centrifugal Blowers

    POWERFUL – DURABLE – QUIETLY EFFICIENT. Delta DC blowers are built to last, run quietly, and perform at the highest industry levels—even in the harshest environments.

  • Climate Thermal Solutions

    Creating a fresh air system within an enclosed space is easier said than done. The accumulation of heat within an enclosure threatens all electrical devices. We provide a range of cabinet thermal solutions to protect the electrical components within your data centers and production lines.

    Whether you need a thermoelectric cooler, a heat exchanger, a filter fan, or an air conditioner, Delta’s innovative solutions are engineered to maintain a set temperature within an enclosure. Industry-leading thermo management solutions guarantee a contaminant-free environment while protecting electronic components.

    Our catalog of thermal management products offers flexible production capabilities to enable bespoke solutions for single-piece and large-scale rollouts.

    Some of the advantages of our cabinet thermal systems include the following:

    - Enhanced performance
    - Cost-effective solutions
    - Genuine temperature control
    - Smaller sizes
    - Mitigate overheating risk

    Our extensive catalog of cabinet thermal products enables you to select the solutions that suit your setup, layout, and industry. Mixing and matching several solutions can enable you to reach the performance goals of your program.

    Contact our sales team to discuss the advantages of each cabinet thermal solution.

    Estimate your required cooling capacity by clicking here : Cooling Calculator


      Delta industrial air conditioners use active compressor-based cooling to keep internal enclosure temperatures below ambient. These slim air cons employ a variable speed DC inverter compressor and dual rotor design to achieve a high COP with reduced vibration and low operating noise. All Delta air conditioners feature Delta’s high quality DC brushless fans engineered to run continuously for a minimum of 80,000 hours, or nine years.

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      Delta air-to-air heat exchangers are a closed-loop system with advanced fan and core technology to bring internal enclosure temperatures to ambient. Delta heat exchangers feature Delta DC brushless fans engineered to run continuously for 80,000 hours, or nine years. Standard and custom designs are available.

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      Delta thermoelectric coolers provide slightly below ambient cooling in tight spaces. A TEC module is a sandwich of components (Peltier chips, heat sinks and fans) which provides cooling without the need for refrigerant or a compressor. All Delta TEC’s incorporate Delta DC brushless fans engineered to run continuously for 80,000 hours, or nine years. Standard and custom designs are available.

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      Cabinet heaters provide protection for enclosed electronics and equipment in low-temperature environments. Delta heaters have a Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heating element for increased safety and reduced operating costs. PTC heaters generate only the heat necessary for the desired temperature, versus at a constant rate, saving energy while helping to prevent overheating and burnout. Standard and custom designs are available.

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    • Filter Fans (HEF)

      High CFM filter fans for dust sensitive industrial applications with easy maintenance. 

      Suggested Applications: Industrial Automation, Automotive Assembly, Package Handling Equipment, Food and Beverage Process Controls, and Wind Energy Systems.

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  • EC Fans & Blowers

    With 40 manufacturing facilities, 61 R&D labs and 7,000 R&D engineers worldwide, Delta Electronics is a global leader in fans & thermal management, power electronics and other innovative energy-efficient solutions.

    Delta offers a range of electronically commutated (EC) centrifugal blowers and axial fans for high-powered air movement applications. 

    • EC Centrifugal Blowers

      Delta offers EC centrifugal blower assemblies from 190mm to 660mm diameter. All blowers include inlet cone / nozzle. The wheel is plastic or metal depending on the part number. Mounting brackets are available on some models. Contact Us for pricing and availability of Delta EC centrifugal blowers.

      Delta EC fan, a greener and smarter design for a better tomorrow.

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    • EC Axial Fans

      Our EC axial fans 630mm and larger feature a square 4-hole metal mounting plate for ease of installation, and a robust metal electronics access cover (versus plastic) to help prevent cracking and water intrusion. Contact Us for pricing and availability of Delta EC axial fans.

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  • Commercial Fridge Fans & Motors

    Delta-designed refrigerator fans with dedicated bearing systems operate in low-temperature environments of up to -40°F. Our novel blade design is a low noise solution, creating abundant airflow within the system tunnel while maintaining a uniform internal refrigerator temperature.

    • DC Refrigeration Fans

      Delta designed our refrigerator fans for low-temperature environments with a dedicated bearing system allowing our fans to work at an operational temperature of -40°F without freezing. Our unique blade design allows unrestricted airflow with lower system tunnel noise while keeping a steady temperature inside your refrigerator. Delta's advanced motor driver circuit technology achieves high efficiency and low vibration at the same time while also offering a PWM function for a wider speed range adjustment.

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    • EC Commercial Refrigeration Fans

      Our brushless DC motor technology is Electronically Commutated (EC) — featuring integrated AC to DC inverters and magnetic rotors — offers significant power savings over AC motor fans while maintaining AC source-input compatibility. Customers can expect up to 70% power savings by using Delta EC motor-based fans, so now you can offer high-performance, power-saving HVAC and Commercial Refrigerator products to your clients.

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    • Commercial Refrigeration Motors

      The Electronically Commutated (EC) motors based on brushless DC motors use built-in AC to DC converter and magnet rotors to attain more power savings than regular AC motors. Our EC motors are designed for maximum reliability and power efficiency for HVAC applications.

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  • Thermal Management

    Delta's super slim blower technology is an important factor in making the Ultrabook computer possible. Delta's latest energy-efficient electronically commutated fan series are perfectly designed for industrial applications, commercial building HVAC, and precision cooling for data centers.

    • Thermal Management Solution

      With over 3 decades of design & manufacturing expertise, Delta has launched a complete air cooling solution portfolio with cost effectiveness and high reliability to the world, ranging from different heatsink applications to advanced heat pipe/vapor chamber variation. Supported by its strong engineering team as well as worldwide production bases, Delta utilizes handy simulation tools and its self-developed database of intelligence to tailor the right cooling solution just perfect to the needs of customer with professional efficiency.

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    • Liquid Cooling Solution

      As the computing capability of the data center increases, IT equipment generates more heat, which must be addressed to handle higher heat density and prevent system failures. Delta's liquid cooling solution is capable of efficiently managing the significant heat generated by IT equipment, surpassing the performance of traditional air-cooling solutions.

      Delta has matching water-cooled cold plate and cooling liquid distribution unit (CDU) products available for Level 6 board-level solutions, Level 10 complete system assembly solutions, and even Level 11 system integration solutions.

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    • Portable Thermal Solution

      A portable thermal solution is designed to manage the heat produced by chips and other electronic components. This design combines essential elements like fans, heat transfer components (heat pipes, VC, etc.), heat exchangers, and structural metal or plastic parts to create compact and efficient products. These products are lightweight and have portable dimensions, making them suitable for everyday use and versatile applications.

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  • Fan Trays / Controller Boards

    Offer customers optimal performance design and total thermal solution from fan unit design to fan tray design and manufacturing