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  • DC Axial Fans

    Engineered for Reliability and Long Life DC brushless motor technology delivers lasting performance at a lower cost of operation. Every model undergoes rigorous testing to achieve minimum noise under high airflow and air pressure conditions. Delta's highly automated, precision assembly process ensures consistent quality. All models are RoHS compliant and manufactured to meet strict reliability requirements for: Thermal cycling Humidity exposure Vibration Mechanical shock

  • DC Centrifugal Blowers

    The SFB Series blowers have dual or triple blowers in parallel, and are suitable for general ventilation and cooling use. The impeller and frame are made of plastic.

  • EC Fans & Blowers

    With 40 manufacturing facilities, 61 R&D labs and 7,000 R&D engineers worldwide, Delta Electronics is a global leader in fans & thermal management, power electronics and other innovative energy-efficient solutions.

    Delta offers a range of electronically commutated (EC) centrifugal blowers and axial fans for high-powered air movement applications. 

  • EC Refrigeration Fans & Motors

    With global energy savings mandates growing more stringent by the year, AC based fan motors struggle to keep pace while keeping newer HVAC and Commercial Refrigerator systems working efficiently. To assist our customers, Delta has developed a brushless DC motor technology that is Electronically Commutated (EC) and features an integrated AC to DC invertor and magnet rotor

  • Heat Sinks

    Intel Skylake microarchitecture, the successor to the Boradwell microarchitecture, is built on 14nm manufacturing process with higher power efficiency and compute performance. To ensure the CPU performance and achieve the nominal power consumption, Delta has designed a series of Intel Skylake-based heatsinks optimized cooling performance and minimal thermal resistance for server and data center environment.

  • Slim Heat Pipes and Vapor Chambers

    Slim heat pipes and slim vapor chambers are the latest in Delta’s high-efficiency heat transfer solutions. Developed for low profile laptops, tablets, and handheld devices, the slim heat pipes and vapor chambers transport large amounts of heat with very small temperature gradients. The pipes have a two-phase heat transfer system using pure, deionized water vapor for continuous and rapid heat transfer, making it the ideal solution for all the latest devices.

  • Fan Trays / Controller Boards

    Offer customers optimal performance design and total thermal solution from fan unit design to fan tray design and manufacturing

  • Cabinet Thermal Solutions

    Fan technology is pivotal to the performance of any cabinet thermal management solution. As the world’s number one provider of DC brushless fans and blowers, Delta engineers products for increased reliability, efficiency and low noise. Delta fans and thermal management products are used in applications where precision is paramount – from sensitive electronics and computing devices to outdoor enclosures and equipment that support our developing infrastructure.