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Telecom system have widely application characteristic, especially use on outdoor environment therefore cause repair and maintain system more difficult. Delta offer high reliability, long life, IP protection of Telecom fan to satisfy Telecom customer.

Next big challenge the evolution of Telecom system is by upgrading the transmitted speed that keep in the same system volume and same noise level. Delta offers the highest PQ and low noise of telecom fan series to assist customer upgrade and get more benefit for system side. The key factor as below:

  • Next generation Bionic blade structure that provide excellent PQ performance and low noise level to meet customer target of reduce 3~5dB-A at the same system air flow.
  • Integrate advanced Motor Driving Tech and structure to provide highest Fan efficiency that beyond industry standard.
  • Simulation Skill of Multiple blade section corresponding with system boundary condition can saving more make mockup sample and test Fan performance time and cost.
  • Extensive R&D reduce noise experience can assist customers more efficiently adjust the system and improve competitive advantage.
  • Over 25 years fan produce experience and key parts and process inside integration can provide customer Quality and Delivery and Technology at same time.
  • Delta has strong thermal and design engineering experience and integrated manufacture capability to provide customer total thermal Solution, create win-win situation with customer

That is why Delta can assist customer successfully.


1. High reliability and long life assist customer save cost of maintenance
2. EMC solution build into fan unit to assist system pass EMC requirement
3. High PQ Performance provide higher solve heat ability for Telecom system 
4. Low noise design improve system solve heat ability and keep same noise
5. High efficiency reduce system power consumption and meet ErP standard


The Telecom Fan Recommend List and THD series with excellence design. Next generation bionic blade and structure design to assist telecom fan meet higher operating point and low noise and higher efficiency requirement. The recommended model list can be referred and selected by different size. Contact us now for more product information or sample requests.



Part number
(Download spec sheets)
Operating Voltage Range (VDC) Voltage (VDC) Current (A) Power (W) Speed (RPM) Noise (dB-A) Air Flow (CFM) Air Pressure(in H2O)
THD2048HT 200x200x70 36.0~75.0 48 VDC 8.00A 384.00W 7400RPM 78.0dB(A) 1026.80CFM (29.06m3 / min) 4.945inchH2O (125.61mmH2O)
THD0848ME 80x80x38 36.0~75.0 48 VDC 0.55A 26.40W 9500RPM 60.0dB(A) 128.00CFM (03.626m3 / min) 1.48inchH2O
THD1348HE 134x134x38 36.0~60.0 48 VDC 5.00A 240W 12500RPM 82.0dB(A) 490.00CFM (13.87m3 / min) 7.10inchH2O (180.34mmH2O)
THD1248HE 120x120x38 32~59 48 VDC 2.20A 105.82W 10900RPM 75.0dB(A) 287.00CFM (8.122m3 / min) 4.400nchH2O (111.764mmH2O)
THD0948HE-A 92x92x38 36.0~75.0 48 VDC 1.10A 52.80W 13500RPM 71.0dB(A) 182.41CFM (05.167m3 / min) 3.44inchH2O
THB1248B-AXHG 120x120x25 36~75 48 VDC 0.40A 19.20W 5300RPM 59.0dB(A) 186.57CFM 5.285m3 / min) 0.962inchH2O (24.43mmH2O)
THB0848BEB51 80x80x38 36~60 48 VDC 0.70A 33.60W 15000RPM 70.0dB(A) 127.54CFM (03.613m3 / min) 4.543nchH2O (115.39mmH2O)
THB0648BE 60x60x38 36~75 48 VDC 0.34A 16.32W 14700RPM 61.5dB(A) 68.60CFM (01.943m3 / min) 2.886inchH2O (73.30mmH2O)
TFA0412CN-CN 40x40x28 7~15 12 VDC 0.60A 7.20W 17600RPM 55.0dB(A) 25.29CFM (0.717m3 / min) 1.868inchH2O (47.44mmH2O)
GFC0412DS-SM06B0G 40x40x56 10.8~12.6 12 VDC 2.27A 27.24W 23000RPM 69.0dB(A) 37.61CFM (1.065m3 / min) 4.110inchH2O (104.39mmH2O)
FFB0812XHXHC 80x80x25 7~15 12 VDC 1.00A 12.00W 9000RPM 59.0dB(A) 92.69CFM (2.626m3 / min) 1.102inchH2O (28.00mmH2O)
THB1548DG-CN 172x150x50.8 36~72 48 VDC 1.72A 82.56W 6100RPM 70.0dB(A) 427.80CFM 2.28inchH2O (58.10mmH2O)
GFC0812DW-CN 80x80x80 7~15 12 VDC 6.20A 74.40W 12500RPM 76.5dB(A) 175.00CFM (4.96m3 / min) 4.47inchH2O (113.50mmH2O)
THA1248BE-AXHE 120x120x38 36~75 48 VDC 1.83A 80.64W 9000RPM 73.5dB(A) 308.00CFM 2.82inchH2O (71.82mmH2O)
Part number
(Download spec sheets)
Operating Voltage Range (VDC) Voltage (VDC) Current (A) Power (W) Speed (RPM) Noise (dB-A) Air Flow (CFM) Air Pressure(in H2O)

The performance data is subject to change without notice.

Contact us now for more product information or sample requests.