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Small Cell

Small Cell

Small Cell

Small Cell application cooling solutions that meet the demands when performance in wide coverage and efficiency in small spaces. The Delta offers the effectively cooling when applies in other telecom or similar equipment requirement cooling solutions.

The most challenging aspect of today’s small cell designs was almost considered and need for below:

•  Low Noise - Suitable for stealth in the crowd, to avoid noise interference
•  Long life- Suitable for long product life cycle applications
•  High reliability- Suitable for unaffected areas and maintenance requirements
•  EMC requirement and compatibility - Suitable to avoid interference or compatibility requirements
•  Good IP protection- Suitable for harsh environments or harsh local requirements

Delta is meeting these applications requirements with:

•  Bio-inspired Fan Tech. design that avoids airflow separation, optimizing rotor reduce noise and stator blades for higher efficiency 
•  Optimized motor or Fan structure design increase dynamic load rating and life 
•  Advanced motor control circuit and optimized fan efficiency to enhanced reliability
•  EMC guards options and interference suppression processing for compatibility
•  Fan closed type structure or optional protect material cover PCBA design for IP protection


The newest generation THD series with talent design implement bionic blade then push up the fan meet higher performance, higher efficiency and low noise. The recommended model list can be referred and selected by different size. (Move mouse over images to view a larger size or click on images/PN to get more details)

Part number
(Download spec sheets)
Operating Voltage Range (VDC) Voltage (VDC) Current (A) Power (W) Speed (RPM) Noise (dB-A) Air Flow (CFM) Air Pressure(in H2O)
THD2048HT 200x200x70 36.0~75.0 48 VDC 8.00A 384.00W 7400RPM 78.0dB(A) 1026.80CFM (29.06 m3/min) 4.945inchH2O (125.61mmH2O)
THD0848ME 80x80x38 36.0~75.0 48 VDC 0.55A 26.40W 9500RPM 60.0dB(A) 128.00CFM (3.626 m3/min) 1.476inchH2O (37.50mmH2O)
THD1348HE 134x134x38 36.0~60.0 48 VDC 5.00A 240.00W 12500RPM 82.0dB(A) 490.00CFM (13.870 m3/min) 7.10inchH2O (180.34mmH2O)
THD1248HE 120x120x38 32~59 48 VDC 2.20A 105.82W 10900RPM 75.0dB(A) 287.00CFM (8.122 m3/min) 4.40inchH2O (111.764mmH2O)
THD0948HE-A 92x92x38 36.0~75.0 48 VDC 1.10A 52.80W 13500RPM 71.0dB(A) 182.41CFM (5.167 m3/min) 3.44inchH2O
TCA1748ATXHD 175x175x69 36.0~60.0 48 VDC 1.60A 76.80W 4000RPM 70.8dB(A) 428.00CFM (12.125 m3/min) 1.96inchH2O (49.78mmH2O)
Part number
(Download spec sheets)
Operating Voltage Range (VDC) Voltage (VDC) Current (A) Power (W) Speed (RPM) Noise (dB-A) Air Flow (CFM) Air Pressure(in H2O)

* THD1748HG will be available in Q2 2018
The performance data is subject to change without notice.

Many of the fans found in leading brands of Telecom equipment are made by Delta.

Choose from one of our FFBGFBPFBPFR, and T series for a solution that is right for you.


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