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3-Phase Brushless DC Motor Fan

Delta's 3-phase brushless DC fans, designed for data center and storage servers, utilize three-phase fan motors that represent the next stage.

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Delta high-efficiency filter (HEF) fans

Delta high-efficiency filter (HEF) fans: high airflow filtration for modern industrial applications.

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Extensive Advancement in Fan Systems Created Superflo Bearings.

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Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) technology

Delta's DC fans technology continues to provide better performance, higher reliability and cost-effective thermal cooling solutions. 

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Delta Product Label Trademark Update

Subsequent shipments of product labels, cartons, fan frames/pillow, and other accessories that contain Delta trademarks will be partially revised.

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EC Commercial Refrigerator Fans

Delta-designed refrigerator fans with dedicated bearing systems operate in low-temperature environments of up to -40°F.

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New Ingress Protection 68 (IP68) Fan Series

New Ingress Protection IP68 Fan Series: Durable Protection for Outdoor Applications. Delta’s IP68 Fan Series is built to last and perfect for outdoor applications and harsh industrial areas, such as telecom, industrial automation, and renewable energy.

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Meet New Delta Brushless DC Axial Fans: E Series Fans.

New E Series: PFB-E and GFB-E
Delta's latest E series fans are designed for the next generation of server architectures and power modules.

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