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    Delta Product Label Trademark Update

Dec 08, 2021 | Delta

Subsequent shipments of product labels, cartons, fan frames/pillow, and other accessories that contain Delta trademarks will be partially revised.

November 01, 2021: Delta Electronics Trademark Change Notification Letter.

(Click on the link to see the notice letter.)

In response to the improvement of the company’s corporate identification system, the corporate spirit and value can be clearly and systematically communicated to the target audience through visual presentation; the company’s Delta trademarks will be unified and integrated, allowing more customers to recognize Delta's new brand image.

The revised contents and explanations are as follows:

- Corporate logo > Add DELTA after the original triangle logo

Delta Trademark

The above changes will not affect the product safety certification, related characteristics and the reliability of the product itself. All changes will be replaced with new labels and new cartons after the existing labels and cartons are consumed. The mold will be modified and it is expected to switch starting from 2022/1/1.