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Fan Trays / Controller Boards

Fan Trays / Controller Boards

Purpose: Offer customers optimal performance design and total thermal solution from fan unit design to fan tray design and manufacturing




  • Valued integration and system simulation
  • Streamlining trouble shooting and debugging process in one production cycle to shorten overall manufacturing time
  • Centralized auto test and shorten supply chain lead time






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Controler Boards: Complete Control for Any Cooling Solution

Delta designs the most efficient controller boards available worldwide. The built-in capabilities are designed to accommodate the needs of any cooling and thermal solution. Hot swap and voltage converting, power monitor and management are key features of controller boards that are custom built for any industry. Using the latest Protel 99SE design environment, Delta is able to shorten the design cycle as well as manufacturing lead time for customers. Common features and capabilities include:

  • EMI solutions
  • Abnormal protection
  • Interface communication
  • Fan speed control & regulation
  • Status indicator and alarm functions