Delta's high performance seat ventilation fan quickly cools seat cushion and seat back
Headlamp cooling fan

Improved seat comfort and temperature regulation with Delta fans.

Traditional car seating systems provide either passive benefits via design, material choices, or active heating. Newer, more robust systems focus on cooling and overall comfort via temperature regulation. Delta has developed blower fans that meet and exceed the expectations of both our customers and their end users in this newer and demanding area. The design choices lend them to having high performance, low vibration, reduced operating noise, improved sound quality, EMC protection, IP protection, and PWM speed control. Each of these play a role in how an end user might accept or reject the overall seat ventilation system. Years of development and working with partners has enabled Delta to offer this purpose-driven fan line to power seat airflow with all these characteristics tuned to the needs of the user while providing both push and pull functionality to properly regulate airflow as a key aspect of comfort. All of which can help drivers and their passengers reduce their fatigue over short or long journeys.

Seat ventilation application

Delta's automotive product line supports
- Fan Push/Pull Air to Seat Surface Directly.
- Fan Mount on Cushion or Back and Connect with Duct or Special Structure

•   High Performance
•   Low Vibration
•   Lower Noise
•   EMC Protection
•   IP protection
•   PWM Speed Control

active seat ventilation

New Seat Ventilation blowers adding comfort for your driving experience: The active seat ventilation ensures that air circulates throughout the surface of seat. It provides the ultimate comfort for drivers and helps to prevent driving fatigue.
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Part number Dimension (mm) Operating Voltage (VDC) Rated Voltage (VDC) Bearing type Current (Amp) Power (Watt) Speed (RPM) Noise (dB-A) Air Flow (CFM) Air Pressure
(in H2O
Operating Temperature (oC)
76x76x25 9.0~16.0 12 ball 0.53 6.36 5500 50.0 14.7 1.41 -40 ~ +85
100x98x20 9.0~16.0 12 ball 0.58 6.96 4000 50.5 18.30 1.62 -40 ~ +85

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