Bionic blade Fans THD

Bionic Blade Fan - THD series

The THD series fan was inspired while observing a flying osprey. “The osprey’s diving posture when catching prey is swift, quiet, and precise. Their wings work similarly to the principle behind how fans work too.” Engineers manage to apply the posture and wing structures of ospreys to design fan blades via parameterized and simulated processes.
This THD series fan with bionic design manages to reduce up to 6dB-A of noise compared to its competitors while maintaining highly efficient operations. The measurement of noise is a logarithmic relation, so a reduction of 6dB-A is a 10^6 reduction of noise, which is equivalent to the difference between four fans running simultaneously and the noise from one fan– quite a significant margin.
Once the product was successfully developed, the fan team gradually applied this high-performance heat dissipation fan to many more of Delta’s products. From telecom servers to heat exchangers and air conditioning, home-based ventilators will be introduced next to bring out higher competitiveness for a series of Delta’s fan products.
•   Four product features:
1. Multi-section stack design: using virtual simulation analysis and biometric parameters of a bird wing airfoil section
2. Stator blade tip design: lowers noise and wing tip vortex through reduced wing tip connection surface which simulates the floating wing tip of an osprey in flight
3. High-strength Bionic blades: our new fan blades are stronger and have been tested through simulation and destruction of speed tests
4. hDEC Control : advanced motor drive control to improve the fan motor drive efficiency
Optimized blade design for high efficiency
•  Enhanced structure to achieve low vibration
Through vibration simulations and different material bonding strength studies, Delta has enhanced the structural design of the fan's frame to gain higher natural frequency for improved vibration and resonance.
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Part number
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Dimension (mm) Operating Voltage Range (VDC) Voltage (VDC) Current (A) Power (W) Speed (RPM) Noise (dB-A) Air Flow (CFM) Air Pressure
(in H2O)
80x80x38 36.0~75.0 48V 0.55 26.4 9500 60 128 1.48
92x92x38 36.0~75.0 48V 1.1 52.8 13500 71 182.4 3.44
120x120x38 32~59 48V 2.2 105.82 10900 75 287 4.4
127x127x38 36.0~60.0 48V 5 240 12500 82 490 7.1
200x200x70 36.0~75.0 48V 8 384 7400 78 1026 4.94
* THD1748HG will be available in Q2 2018
The performance data is subject to change without notice.

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