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The world trend of networking industry devices is pursuing high density, high speed port, high performance but low acoustic noise and require low power consumption for the concern on energy saving. To fulfill networking device providers’ demand on thermal solution, Delta is glad to introduce Delta T series family to the market. T series fan units are with high performance to cope with high impedance, low acoustic noise, and low power consumption.

The features of T series fan:

1. High performance to complete with 2 fans in series
2. Low noise with the bionic blade design
3. Advanced motor and blade design to achieve high efficiency and low power consumption.
4. Optional brake function design offers safety and air turbulence protection.
5. Hot swap circuit design to restrain the inrush current.

T – SERIES FAMILY: For Networking application, T series family including THA, THB, THD, TDA, TEA models are the optimal choice for your requirements


High Efficiency
Networking - THA series powerful THB THD bionics



The newest generation THD series with talent design implement bionic blade then push up the fan meet higher performance, higher efficiency and low noise. The recommended model list can be referred and selected by different size. (Move mouse over images to view a larger size or click on images/PN to get more details)

Part number
(Download spec sheets)
Operating Voltage Range (VDC) Voltage (VDC) Current (A) Power (W) Speed (RPM) Noise (dB-A) Air Flow (CFM) Air Pressure(in H2O) THD0812VE-00 80x80x80 10.8~13.2 12 VDC 15.0 A 180.00 W 15000 RPM 78.5 dB(A) 195.00CFM (5.522m3/min) 7.480 inchH2O (190.00 mmH2O)
Part number
(Download spec sheets)
Operating Voltage Range (VDC) Voltage (VDC) Current (A) Power (W) Speed (RPM) Noise (dB-A) Air Flow (CFM) Air Pressure(in H2O)

The performance data is subject to change without notice.


bionics blade design


The THD series boasts newly designed bionic blades inspired by nature’s most powerful winged predators. This fan series represents the most quiet, fast, powerful and efficient design Delta has to offer. Engineers managed to apply the posture and wing structures of an osprey in flight to design fan blades via parameterized and simulated processes. By simulating the curve of an osprey’s wing in flight, the new THD series fan reduces fan noise up to 6dB-A.



In order to reduce the risk of engineering personnel in the replacement of the fan and to avoid fan can’t turn on normally when caused by system air turbulence.

Application of multiple brake functions:

1. Power off brake: Fan tray will stop immediately when power off in hot-swap application
2. PWM 0% brake: Fan A brake with PWM duty input 0% to avoid reverse spinning by Fan B airflow in the cabinet 
3. Air turbulence protection: Anti-turbulence fan to avoid reverse spin in system
4. Dynamic brake: Active intelligent brake without input power


1. Application in anti-turbulence fan tray system to ensure fan could start spinning successfully
2. Safety for user operating and faster to maintain defective fan 

For Networking application, T series family including THATHB, and THD models are the optimal choice for your requirements.

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